Maker’s schedule

This post from Paul Graham of Y Combinator is a few years old, but reads like it was written yesterday.

The basic management structure — some people supervise, some people do — will never really change. As someone who is not a supervisor, but rather a believer that the best thing I can do with my day is get things done, this post helps me put into words why I hate being invited to meetings, and why last-minute tasks thrown at me with an imminent deadline throw off my whole day.

The article offers no remedies, but I can think of only one that suits my work style: partition my days into 2-4 hour blocks, and if my block is compromised, schedule in as many meetings as I can. It’s a way to take back a little bit of control, and empower my schedule.

Are you a maker, or a manager? Is what you are what you want to be? I can’t imagine being anything but a maker.

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